15 Free High Quality Branding, Identity Design and Stationery Design Mockups

Jan 25 2017

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Mock-up designs are vital for graphic designers. Mock-ups are very useful to showcase the look and feel of the final product. In this article, I hand picked 15 high quality free Mock-ups in branding, identity design, and stationery design. I hope you enjoy this post. #branding #mockup #freebies #idenditydesign

1. Freebie-Granite-Stationery-Mockup

2. Dark Stationery / Branding Mockup

Dark Stationery / Branding Mock-Up is a awesome file created with smart-objects, fully layered, organized and renamed, enjoy this new mockups and show to your customers your great designs in a stunning and realistic way.

3. Black and Gold Branding Mockup

Black and gold stationery mock-up set including two scenes you can use to showcase your brand image. To get the refined look of your logo in gold or silver foil over black paper or leather, just place your design inside the smart layer. Apart form the PSD files, within the set, you’ll also find 4 high resolution background textures. The credit for this awesome resource goes to Mockup Cloud.

4. Flat Stationery Mockups

A collection of flat stationery items to create great presentations for your branding projects. All objects are available in both PSD and AI formats so you can easily rescale or change colors. Big thanks to Vlad Cristea for his large contribution to this project!

5. Corporate Stationery Mockup

Stationery PSD mock-up that you can use to create a beautiful presentation for your corporate branding project. Place your logo or design via smart objects, make whatever adjustments you find necessary and you’ll be done in no time. This resource was created by forgraphic™.

6. Stationery Mockup – Wood Edition

A high-resolution stationery mock-up with olive wood theme and 10 different objects to create a distinctive presentation. The PSD file uses smart object feature, so you can add your design easily. You can also change the background color to complement your composition.

7. Branding and Identity Mockup

This high quality PSD is fully editable with all objects and shadows on separated layers. You can change the color of the background, rearrange the objects or chose to hide some of them.

8 Corporate Identity Mockup

Treat yourself with this stylish branding mock-up which is ideal for corporate design presentations. This Photoshop mock-up is based on high-resolution photography and includes different stationery items like A4 sheet, A4 folder, envelope, business card, CD cover and more. Resource created and released by Vitaly Stepanenko.

9. Branding Mockup

This PSD mock-up is packed with lots of features including: all objects & shadows are separated, changeable background and even 2 colors background, changeable color for the sides of the business cards. Use it to showcase your brand image and don’t forget to spread the word!

10. Branding / Identity Mockup

Stationery elements to showcase your branding projects with style. You can move, hide and edit any element separately. The high-resolution allows you to easily create beautiful close-ups and previews of your design.

11. Branding / Identity Stationery Mockup

12. Branding Identity Mockup

13. Branding and Identity Mockup

14. Branding / Identity Mockup Design

This branding mock-ups series features a wide range of stationery items to showcase your project in a very realistic style. You can easily place your design via smart objects and change the colors according to your needs. Check out the real pixels for details.

15. Branding / Identity Mockup Design

This branding  mock-ups series from Graphic Burger. You get a new set of stationery items that can be easily edited and rearranged to create a distinctive presentation. Be sure to check out the actual size, then hit the green button!.

NOTE – Before Download the mockups, read license agreement carefully.

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