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Unpleasing Memory of IE6

I had received site”s submission in RGB Garden in a week ago. It”s funny but very serious. I had search further posts for against to IE6. Some of them very harsh and some of them wrote in a high level of frustration. I concider some designers thought and share it with you.



RIP IE 6 saying that, the browser is dead and spread the word to the world. Nice and beautiful site.

1. Bring Down IE6 -  Dedicated site with mission.

2. The Devel! – 9.99 reasons to love IE 6 and he describe, how to avoid IE6 in a very decent and diplomatic manner.

3. David Walsh Blog - He point out 6 reasons for IE6 must die. It”s a valid point and good article.

4. Web Designer WallNick La handles the situation in different manner. He ask the designers to trash all the IE6 hacks.

swedish fika collects the list for anti promotions of IE6. Nice list. He had collected the t-shirts, mug, facebook group and so many resources against to the IE6.

Read the post.

Being a designer we struggle a lot for IE6. This is the time to get rid off it. This list is not ended with me. Spread the word, share your thought.

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