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30 Plus Creative Logo Design Gallery for inspiration

Logo design is the master of creation in the design field. I admired some logo designers how they incorporate the concept and the design and finally produce the stunning logos. Here I featured some logo designers site for inspiration.

Only for inspiration, for the purpose of you should knowing them. Do not try to copy their work.

1. Jeff Fisher Logomotive


Jeff Fisher Logomotive is a Logo Designer has won several awards for his logo designs. He is a  writer also, he writes the book named Identity Crisis.

In his site you can find different categories of logo designs in addition to that you can get some helpful information about logo design.

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2. Bartodell


His logos are featuring in some of the noticeable books in the industry.
His Robin Rutherford DDS logo is one of the outstanding logo. Bartodell design most of the logos which I like it.

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3. Relevant Studio


Relevant Studio runs by Jon Engle a freelance designer.
In his site you can find couple of creative logos.

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4. Logomotive


In his site you can find awesome logos. Most of the time I had admired his designs. He is the kind of a logo designer.

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5. Rajasandhu


Very Straight forward site. You can scroll down all the logos in one shot.
His works are featuring in Logo Lounge Book regularly.

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6. Miš i Pile


Miš i Pile (english: Mouse and Chick) is small and friendly creative studio located in small coastal town Crikvenica, Croatia, founded by designer Luka Pensa in 2003.

Here they organized and beautifully showcased their work.

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7. Dache


You can find minimum three colors on his almost all logos.
He is very lucky to have that kind of a clients. All colorful logos.
He showcased very organized manner.

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8. Dale Harris


A colorful web site for a logo designer.
Handful of good looking logos displayed in the flash environment.

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9. Logoholik


Bojan Stefanovic runs the Logoholik and he completely dedicate for creating logos and identities. His work has been recognized in Logolounge and various web sites.

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10. Studio Grafik


Vladimir Mijatovic runs Studio Graphic.
I like his acclaimed logo GUBA. Flash based minimalist logo gallery give more importance to the design.

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11. Clashmore


Clashmore”s logo design gallery. Here you can find his very creative logos in this gallery.

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12. Orange Label


Very attractive logos done by Orange Label. Here you can find his icon designs and web designs too.

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13. Loovvool


Runs by Creative Director Hannes Unt and his works won many awards in the industry.

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14. Siah Design


Nice way of representing the gallery. Run by Josiah Jost and his nick name is Siah. he did some nice logo designs.

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15. Subversion Design


Very Creative way of representing thier logo design gallery. You can feel the book flipping and see their logo. Nice Logo design gallery.

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16. ZKA


ZKA – the visual work of Pavel Pavlov. Nice logo design gallery. You can find his beautiful illustrations and graffitti art also.

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17. Solarheads


Colorful Logo design gallery.  Nice way of representing the gallery.

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18. Genius Logo


Run by Miloš Radojevi?. He is doing exclusively for logo designs. Nice lengthy logo design gallery make you inspired.

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19. Art Machine


Julian Hrankov”s brand and corporate identity design gallery. His works are featuring in various web sites. Nice gallery.

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20. Design Friendship


Design by Friendship founded by Natasha Shah and Chris Hilton. Experimental logo designs and typography are featuring in their gallery.

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21. AM Design


Very Creative logo design gallery. Logos designed by Alex Malykhin.

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22. 1onica


Categorized gallery split into 3. Some logos are good. They are displaying both Black and white and color for the logo is good idea of representation.

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23. Madness Graphics


Ivan Jevtic”s logo design gallery name called Madness Graphics. Collection of good looking logos.

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24. Tinkov


Radomir Tinkovs Logo Design Gallery.  Experiment with type and minimal. He saw a lot of thing in space between the type. Awesome type logos.

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25. Gabi Toth


Gabi Toth”s corporate identity showcase is having some colorful logos and very cretive logos. His Blue Bear and Sun Diamond are tells that who he is.

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26. Extraverage


Hungary based Karoly Kiralyfalvi aka Drez runs the show and he is a freelancer. Lots of typography experimental”s and good logos are featured in his showcase.

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27. Muku Studios


Muku Studios runs by David Morgan and Jana Morgan. Their works received several awards and featured in magazines. Nice logo gallery.

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28. Emohoc


Alan Campbell runs the show of Emohoc. Some decent logos done by him and featuring his gallery.

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29. Bazenwerk


Netherlands base Company having small gallery of their work. But worth to see their logos.

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30. Colour Atelier


COLOUR ATELIER is a Russian based design studio established by Tatyana Plakhova and Nadya Semchishina. Ruskin Pictures is one my favorite logo of them.

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31. Multi Adapter


It”s a Studio, You can find some colorful brand and experimental typography logos here. They have a big client list in their portfolio.

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Get Inspired, produce creatively.

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