7 jQuery libraries that makes your project awesome

Feb 25 2017

jQuery make life easier in web design. Earlier it helps to reduce the burden of coding, now it starts help to make the website beauty and useful. I list down 7 jquery libraries which helps to make your project awesome.


28 Cool & Inspiring Fox Logos

Feb 22 2017

Firefox! We all know the browser using cool way to mascot the Fox for their branding. I research on net and found many fox based logo designs.Here I’m sharing the 28 Logo which I love it. I hope you like it.


10 Great Minimal Logos #3

Feb 18 2017

In this series I have collected various range of minimal logos includes, Waterfall, topo, horse power and etc.. Minimal logos are more meaningful and memorable. I hope you enjoy this collection.

Pattern Ninja – Very very cool way to create patterns online

Feb 15 2017

Recently I found this tool online. Personally I had created few patterns. One in below screenshot. It’s a cool site and online tool. Time saver for quick turnaround graphic designers and web designer.

10 Great Minimal Logos you must love it #2

Feb 11 2017

The logo should minimal and reflects the core of the brand. It should explicit and also has secret. I hand picked the great logos, you must love it. On this series this is a 2nd post. #logo #logodesign #greatlogos #minimallogo

9 Beautiful free fonts for your next logo design project

Feb 08 2017

Fonts are playing a vital role in Logo design. Recently I found few fonts which are extremely good and very useful for your next logo design project. This collection is small but worth to watch it. #font, #logodesign, #typography

Prowifra – Very useful printable wireframes for your next project

Feb 04 2017

Prowifra offers free printable wireframes for web, ipad, iphone, and android phones. Each will have single, double, four wireframes for different purposes. And also available with background grid and plain formats. #wireframes, #uxdesign, #uidesign, #webdesign

Excellent Custom Typography Logos you never missed it

Feb 01 2017

I love Custom made Typography logo designs. Because it has a uniqueness and it’s a signature of a designer. It’s not easy to create a Typo for a brand. It should reflect the essence of a brand and it should stands out. I personally hand picked this logo designs and showcase here. I personally conveyRead More…

Blisk – Wonderful Lightweight web browser for Developers

Jan 28 2017

Blisk has similar interface like Google Chrome. But it’s lightweight and working fast. It offers wide range of smart phone emulations and tablets with portrait and landscape mode. It helps the developer to test websites that look great and work fine on any device. #webdesign #developertool #developer #browser

15 Free High Quality Branding, Identity Design and Stationery Design Mockups

Jan 25 2017

Mock-up designs are vital for graphic designers. Mock-ups are very useful to showcase the look and feel of the final product. In this article, I hand picked 15 high quality free Mock-ups in branding, identity design, and stationery design. I hope you enjoy this post. #branding #mockup #freebies #idenditydesign